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Awakening, what awakening I wasn’t expecting this!

After several years of breaking away from bad habits, destructive situations and cold relationships. Amazing things have started to happen, seeds sown long-ago have begun to grow.

So after spending four delicious days at Exhale yoga festival, hanging with beautiful souls. Dressed in baggy jumper’s, leggings and wellies, a few of my favourite things. I was surprised to find myself feeling disjointed and irritable.

It felt like I had taken steps forward only to be reminded that I hadn’t quite finished healing. Old feelings bubbled to the surface as the ego struggled to remain attached. During awakenings we are faced with our reflections, the awkward reality of what and who we are, the cold naked truth.

Awakening, what awakening I wasn’t expecting this!

**Only we know ourselves and our own experiences of “the awakening” are as unique as our own lives. In the best moments we bounce through the light revelling at our mindful moments and savouring the silver linings. But as with every light moment in reflection there is the dark. Perhaps the key is not to see it as negative but rather an additional opportunity to heal and let go.

You must be willing to let go of who you have been to become who you were meant to be.

It is in these moments we have a choice to sink or swim. Forced to pull ourselves together or crawl back into the dark. Like pulling back the blankets on a cold winter morning, ultimately we know we are going to have to get up at some point, it is inevitable.

But wait, there is a secret. I’ll tell you!

This is the sweet spot, the delicious moment when you are just out of your comfort zone. All the dramas have been washed away, none of the daily challenges affect you in the way they used to do. You have fought and won your battles. Tired and ready for peace. You now have the time and space to reflect on who you truly are and what your purpose really is.

Enjoy this time of peace, thinking of gentle waves gently lapping up on to a beautiful crystal beach. Layback and soak up the summer rays. Be kind to yourself, give yourself some time to reflect, to love. Celebrate your awakening, for the strength of your choice. It’s not been easy, but you have made it!

This sweet spot was worth it after all, take a deep breath, breathe it all in. Let it all go.

Now step boldly forward into your future …

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