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I started my journey well I guess when I was born or if you want to get all philosophical about it. Being a yogi, and talking about spiritual beliefs is more acceptable than it once was. But more over it is about having the confidence to voice who you are, to be honest and true to yourself. This blog is my way of doing that and hopefully giving strength to others to do the same.

As I took a leap of faith to travel 6 years ago, my path to enlightenment, my journey whatever you want to call it stepped up a notch and has continued at full throttle ever since…

Taking time out to travel was a big leap for me, it's not what a lot of people did where I grew up. Not that it didn't happen, it's just that I didn't know anyone who had, so I had no point of reference. I just had to figure it out as I went a long. But I'm glad I did. It was the first concious moment I had to better myself to find freedom and acceptance.

I love yoga, I had practised Bikram for several years and have recently taken up Vinyasa check out my yogi page for blogs on my experiences there. I also practice Reiki, my intention is to become a great healer and Jedi Master (I’m not sure Jedi master is an official qualification, but it should be)! Reiki has opened up a lot for me in both in ways of releasing old demons, and more importantly letting in the joys and happiness of life. Cheesy I know but there it is.

Not to say that everything has been all sweetness as I rode off into the sunset on my unicorn. 2014 was a tough old year which made me re-evaluate a few things and take a look at myself, appreciate what I have and make the most of opportunities presented to me. I have a voice and I now intend to use it!

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