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For the love of strangers

Today as I was power walking through London, I came across a young boy who was sitting homeless in London Bridge. So as I continued on my way, storming the streets of London. Because as always we Londoners (I’m really a northerner, shh don’t tell anyone), are always very importantly trying to efficiently get somewhere quickly to meet someone equally as important who will also have other engaging things to do with their day.

A voice caught me, let’s call her consciousness …

“Go back, talk to him, he is after all just the same as you”. Just a person trying to make his way in the world, one day at a time. For whatever reason has fallen on harder times, than you. He still deserves a few minutes of your time and a little kindness.

So I flew in and out of my appointment, hoping he would still be there, he was.

I grabbed him some lunch, on my return to him I realised several people had bought him lunch, coffee, breakfast he had with him his life. In one package, sleeping bag, roll matt, food. I realised then that there is so much more kindness in this busy crazy city than I first realised. There were many people taking care of this kid. Many people sparing a few moments, in their busy lives.

Who knows what the rest of the day will bring him, but in those first few hours of the day, many people had stopped, and given their time, money, love and respect. There’s always more needed of cause but every day I see more kindness creeping through, as you open your eyes and hearts more and more will come…

“Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up”

Be mindful, notice something, someone different today.

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