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I see me, and I see you

Yoga Teacher Training

Take 1

Teacher training is just the beginning, the dawning of a new horizon as the rays move gently across the earth, waking up, jewelled grass and melting dew.

I thought I had arrived here ready, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, I had a game plan and this was it. I didn’t realise that with the first few steps though the door it would raise as many questions as I had thought I had an answer for. Like learning to drive, you never really know how to do it until you are sat behind the wheel facing the wide open road by yourself. The decision is yours on which way you go.

This is where I was at, paralysed by the fear of indecision, I hit the breaks. Which way do I go, how fast ,how slow? Where to and how? Within the first weekend of teacher training I was questioning everything. Was what I thought I wanted, really what I needed. Did I want something that I never thought was meant for me?

Childhood insecurities bubbling to the surface, demanding to be felt to be acknowledged to be understood. Like a sucker punch to the stomach there was literally nowhere to go, no where to run and hide. No escape plan. Here I am naked to the truth, to my own life. The only option to respect that I am where I am, and that here and now is the place to deal with things that I could not. So in this place that I am now I embrace me, the inner child I love and heal.

Deal heal & release

Instead of charging around my life, filing it with more questions. I have chosen to embrace where I’m at, to sit in my pj’s on a autumnal afternoon write, and be warm. To move slowly, rest, relax let it come, let it be healed. They’ll be opportunity enough to sprinkle the glitter and rave into to the night. Be kind, go slow, and find your flow.

If this is week one., who knows whats around the corner...

The House of Yoga

THoY 200HR Teacher Training Promise & Mission:

Our promise and mission is to create empowerment, inspire, transform, promote growth, have fun and embody community. Our deepest desire is that as you travel along your unique life path, we can help you envisage your own limitless possibilities in mind, body & soul. We are devoted to helping you better understand the power of your body, mind and spirit connection to both your inner and outer universe. We are honoured that you are taking time to work with us on your journey of self-discovery. Our greatest reward is your personal transformation.

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