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Beautifully Vulnerable

There is a beauty in being vulnerable, anunequivocal strength in bearing the beauty of the soul. Offering up the heart in all it's glory. Standing in the darkness and shining bright.

Following this path isn't easy it's hard, it can be truly heart breaking, filled with trials that can break you into a 1000 pieces, shattering the preconceptions of who you thought you were. Wake up, let go.

It will strip you of the thoughts that bind you, and ask you; are you the story that was created for you? Do you want to be, can you change that? Do you want to change it, and are you ready for it if you do? You are in fact the light within part of every other beautiful star out there, getting there is a different story.

Be fearless in the pusuit of what sets your soul on fire

It hits like a wave, smashing and crashing into your life a destructive creation, removing the boulders in life and wearing away at the tomb stones that have grown around. Throwing everything up in; despair, and utter chaos. Head underwater an unable to breath, chocking on life, as it ebbs away from you.

As you give in, not up. Surrender to the universe, to life, to your god, a peace descends. A sort of magic envelops you, holds you close embraces you and cares for you. The waves begin to soften and you begin to breath again. Your body relaxes it lets go of the life it was clutching to. Drifting gently ashore on to warm golden sands you begin to see life's beauty again.

This time brighter, so so much brighter. Stumbling to your feel, legs wobbly like walking for the first time in a very long time. Feeling the earth move around your feet supporting you taking the first steps into a new awakening. Waves gently lapping up to the shore, you smile towards the horizon as the sun starts to creep across the sky, a new day.

With each step becoming more sure, stability, grounded. Life may still look the same on the surface and yet some how different. perhaps you can't quite make out what that is, the subtle change

That difference is YOU!

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