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Just being Charlie

Healing the inner child, and the power of vulnerability.

In the beginning it was just me, I was who I am. Then all this life stuff happens, growing up, family, social situations and everything else in between.

Life be like, being put in a bag shaken up and when you come out your no longer entirely sure who you are. Then you spend the rest of it enjoying some parts and then wondering wtf happen!

I found myself in my early childhood. Swimming around in the consciousness of a child, a baby an innocent. What I was confronted with was some poor kid who was confused and hurt. So had put her self in a safe place hidden away from the world. Hide and now I am seeking.

So I did what anyone would I took a deep dive, to rip apart the story, dig out the dirt get into those cobweb corners of the soul.

It has been hard, so so hard. For those of you who know the dark awakening of the soul, to moments of utter out right bliss kundalini raving ephaphinies. Landing smack back on the floor in a soup of depression. I mean like what happened.. seriously come on. Take me back into samadhi, please.

Who am I, who do I think I am and who i and who do I show. Who is hidden beneath. A ton of self enquiry work later ...

I realised is that as beautifully open and awakened as I think I am now in my adulthood there are still past traumas to be healed. Life’s splinters shattered.

Humbled, I am in a place where I feel safe to release, to remove the blocks. Because when you find your saf space you can begin with to breath again. Breath and release. Then and only then can greater connections be made.

So I honour that my body and energy recognises that now is the time to let go. To heal that child. My life is blessed magical and always on a journey of healing and finding its way home.

This is who I am

I am me

I am everything

Who are you?

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