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Journey of a humble warrior



I could start with my story, with a list of all the people and situations who have affected me, all the things that have hurt and scarred me. But I won’t, because I am re-writing my story, and it’s going to be a happy one. An epic tale of love, freedom and adventure.

That’s not to say that I have forgotten my past, but more that I am humbled by it. Each and every situation and person has helped me grow, whether it was born from love or some of the direst and challenging situations in my life. They awoke me and for that I am thankful, truly!

Now it is time to shine. To step up into my purpose, and help others with me!

This is my honour and thanks to the wonderful people that have shared my journey. Those who have walked the path beside me, held my hand, embraced my soul, seen the beauty within.

Over the last year I have been fortune to attend a couple of Brett Moran’s retreats both of them different, but both exactly what was needed in that moment. I came away from Brett’s retreats, with a sense of purpose, and freedom. With feelings of excitement that anything is possible as well as a bunch of new friends all connected and quietly understanding.

Thailand for me was deep, deep soul healing. Navigating the waves of insecurities, self-worth and trust. As the emotions rolled over me, tears and laughter, I found the space to release and heal. Thanks to Brett, Jo Jo, Catherine, Caroline, Peter, Lisa, Johnny, James & Becky for being there to hold my hand.

Ibiza, was full of laughter, a softening of the heart, re-affirmation of my path. I returned home excited, plans seeded in Thailand are now beginning to flower. Deeper connections. Wonderful new friends, Brett, Jo Jo, Jo, Catherine, Peter, Jacob, Hailey, Hadley, Kate, Sian, Heidi, Beth, Linda, Jason, Seamus, Tyrone & Steve.

Zooming around Ibiza in the car with the music blasting, window rolled down, wind chasing my chair. I am 18 again, the story I was told throughout my life, one that I repeated and grew into my own has been let go. At 33 I feel pretty fortunate to realise that I have my whole life ahead of me and the exciting things I’m going to do with it. To let my light shine, step into my purpose.

A year of transformation.

Freedom to me is adventure, wandering the globe seeking new experiences. Building deeper connections. Bare feet & salty hair!

If for you, it's living your life surrounded by family, then grow and treasure those moments, watch your children’s eyes light you up and see you for who you truly are. Let that be your freedom.

So go for it, be who you were born to be.

If the last few years have taught me anything, then it is to live, to live with everything you’ve got, by any means that you can. Do not waste a minute of it. Life is beautiful.

Have patience, be kind and above all else love yourself.

So from one humble warrior to another I thank you for being part of my growth and journey. I look forward to welcoming in new connections and going deep with those of you I already have the honour of calling friends.

Thank you for showing me love, and setting me free.

With special thanks to Brett, for being that bright light that helps show others the way, for your patience, love and laughter. Without you this transformation would not have been such a pleasure to rediscover.

Catherine & Peter, my beautiful soul mates. Without you this journey would have been one hell of a bumpy ride. Thank you for teaching me to embrace myself and others without fear. To love unconditionally.

Love you guys, always ...

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