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Meditate on Meditation

They tell us that it’s the key, the secret to a calm life and a more freeing outlook. If it’s the answer to our lives, why then do we tiptoe around it? Finding excuses not too, don’t have time, too busy, I can’t sit still long enough, tried it once but…

If you have a regular practice then GO YOU! I am humbled.

But for the rest of us that either do not or know they should do more but have quite managed to balance the dedication 20 minutes yogi Dhyana. There are a few things you can do to help bring it into your life.

Moreover I have found for myself it is acceptance. Yesterday morning I meditated like a pro. Straight back sound breath. Honoured and respected myself, nature the beautiful tree outside my apartment. I felt bliss roll over me and I felt ready to start my day with positive intentions.

This morning however I got up late, had to throw myself together and out of the door in about 10 minutes. No time for sitting cross legged in my scared space. So I will catch my mediation space where I can today, in the bathroom before a meeting or maybe I’ll make the time for a walk some place or before bed. Then work towards meditating like a pro again tomorrow, and the day after that…

If you can’t sit still try a mindfulness walk, or join sporting community – moving meditation and all that. There are a ton of apps and you tube channels that can help you out it you can’t make it to a studio.

Have a debunked all your arguments for not approaching meditation with a more positive mind frame?

Shall I reel of some benefits for you, will that help … oh ok then

  1. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety

  2. Improves sleep

  3. It improves concentration and improves memory

  4. It encourages a healthy lifestyle

  5. The practice increases self-awareness

  6. It increases happiness and acceptance

  7. It slows aging

  8. Helps control pain

  9. The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health

  10. May help fight addictions

Amongst many others, the list could go on.

What I am saying to you there is always time, if you make room for it. It is simply your choice whether you do or not and how you do it. There is no one else responsible for you, but you.

YOU are your own teacher, healer, master and guru. Opportunities are everywhere for a more mindful life if you are seekng it. You are the one to take hold of them!

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