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What have I done with my....

What have I done with my....

Have you seen it? If only I could remember where I had it last?

I had this amazing dream once all full of colourful things, juicy things, big things, small things, beautiful things.

but now I can't find it.

I've looked everywhere for it. Have you seen it?

I've looked under the bed, found an odd sock or two, nope I've looked there!

In the kitchen draw, with all the odds and sods, the random batteries, door knobs and keys that I have no idea opens what, but better to keep them, you know just in case.

Definitely not in there.

I've pulled the sofa out, checked under the cushions, found random bits of change and a lipstick I'd miss placed long ago. I've even checked in the laundry, the gym bag has been turned inside out... ....oh i wondered where that had been!

BUT still no dream.

The place is a mess, all 6's & 7's and I can not find that thing of all things that is so important to me.

I know I had it, it looked just like ....

Oh wait a minute now I remember the thing to do. I will not retrace my steps, nor walk back into the room.

I will stop

Forget I was ever looking, because as soon as I do...

You know it will be there, where it always has been.

Right in front of me!

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