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To the beat of the drum

Powerful and rhythmic, healing and soulful. Honouring and respecting the ancient art of drumming. As the beats wash over my body a magic deep inside stirs. Remembering a time of old when our ancestors walked the earth when we understood the harmonies of our mothers breath. Sharing a connection with all those that call it home.

I found myself at this drumming circle one sunny afternoon, a cloud of hazy smokey sage drifted out of the windows into the crazy summer of London. I sat down in amongst a shrine of handcrafted musical instruments open and ready to embrace a time of healing and sharing of knowledge.

They say the first beat of the drum that we hear is our mothers heart beat. Melonie the magical lady hosting the workshop explained. Drums can be used for deep healing and cleansing of our physical and energy bodies as well as shifting residual or sticky vibes in the spaces around us.

As the circle was opened with greetings and introductions, we experienced a surprising uplifting rhythm of sound as we relaxed into the group. Thoughts taking leaps and jumps where they could. Ultimately my body knew where it needed to be. Flowing with the sound, completely giving it's self up. I was intent on staying with this bliss.

Pulling myself (reluctantly) to a seated position, feeling much like I've been in a long awaited slumber, I could have stayed for a 100 years and more. The realisation that only 10 minutes has drifted by. Sharing experiences, feeling the way into the next. Trusting our intuition and each other.

Picking up a drum that I felt drawn to we each began to make our own music following at first with each other then diving off into our own beats. No inhibitions just the trusting of a deep knowing, the drawing up of energies old. Remembering, acknowledging and respecting of a time long ago. Not yet forgotten. Now awakening within each of us.

As the drumming vibrations drifted off into a slow hum, thanking each other.

Walking back into the London heat, I am awestruck suddenly at how different everything looks. There's clarity-and a definition that wasn't there before. I muse as I walk away - thinking back to the intention set; bring clarity to our journeys and light into the world.

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