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Life in beauty

Living life in all its beauty is a wondrous experience.

I started off meaning to write with the theming of purpose, as my fingers click clacked across the keyboard I free-styled, beginning instead with life.

What does it means to live?

We can, at times can be too much in our own space, not recognising the connectivity in us all. Why not take a moment to look through the eyes of another, see how they see you, share in their magic.

My farther, who recently passed over to the other-side just months ago. I think without truly seeing the beauty in all things. Something that I am now more and more so utterly determined to experience and so so passionately motivated to teach to others. If only he could have seen what I can see.

From the tiniest snowdrop emerging from the cold hard wintery earth, to the energetic tantric love between human beings. It transcends everything.

Those two words together, unite as the 'Life Purpose' ; of the soul. What does it mean to be truly in your power. Oh how the inspiration will flow, the creativity will manifest. Exhilarating vibrational frequencies.

So how do you know what living life really is, how do you know what your life purpose is? Breath in calmness, exhale. Finding stillness. Can you observe the energy, can you feel it's exhilarating presence.

There will be moments of cause where forgetting this bliss is all to easy, getting caught up, tied up and drowning in life too. The way through it, is to remember that feeling of bliss, and know that you can come back to it.

Always x

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