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If you want the moon, if you want a rose, if you want love...

Hello there old friends and new of cause

It's been a while since we connected, and I doubt that neither of us have stood idle! Where to begin ...

Perhaps a quick refresher, I became a yoga teacher, I suffered (in every sense of the word) a depression, my father passed away, I got a dog (LaLa Luna), I quit the 9-5 job, and I travelled (also in every sense of the world), made new connections renewed, honoured and respected old ones. I've taught 100's of people from all sorts of back grounds, yoga, healing, and mediations in the last year. Following my passion to help make our lives a little more bearable to see joy around every corner even in the darkest moments, and to embrace love and light in equally the same power. I started writing a book did I tell you? Progress is slow, a bit like life some times, we're on a journey together. 'Spiritual girl in the city'. Perhaps you'll get to read it some day.

This blog is dedicated to those connections new and old, the smiles of strangers still to come. It's Valentines day after all, compassion and love is the name of the game. Whether that's self love, self care, compassion and respect for another for family and friends or the love that binds and bonds a couple.

"If you want the moon, do not hide at night. If you want a rose, do not run from the thorns. If you want love, do not hide from yourself." Rumi

Practice self care by firstly becoming aware of your needs, and making adjustments in your life to support these. Whether it's making time to meditate, going to the gym, a walk in the park. You must first acknowledge what it is that you need to be able to facilitate that need, want or desire. We all have them, some are material some are not. We can make steps to work towards them being less materialistic of cause but the fact remains that we still need to live in a house, eat healthy food and sleep well at night.

Beyond that lies how we show up in life, how we approach situations, are we calm, do we think of others needs as well as our own. How do we become aware of our own actions, and determine how these will likely effect others. Can we show compassion to others, even in the most challenging of times. Something to muse over, to think about before we jump the gun next time. If there was less judgement in the world and more compassion we would be in a far better place both materially and spiritually!

Get in touch to book a yoga class, a healing session or drop in to say hi!

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